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This website is dedicated to the life and work of the late Bayard Rustin.

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"We need in every community a group of angelic troublemakers." --Bayard Rustin--


Allen Jones has lived in San Francisco since 1960.

In the course of his activism on other matters concerning San Francisco, Jones noticed, and was surprised, as a 49er fan to hear that in December 2011, the NFL had loaned the San Francisco 49ers $200 million to build a new stadium 35 miles south of San Francisco.

Aware of the NFL’s "Commitment to the Community Letter" dated June 15, 2011 made it even harder to believe. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell promised to support communities that support the NFL. But six months later, in December 2011, the NFL owners voted to loan the 49ers $200 million to leave the Black community of San Francisco that had supported the team for the last 40 years of the team's 67 years being in the city.

Jones firmly believes any sports team has the right to take its business anywhere it can make the most profit. However, there is a right way to leave and a wrong way to leave. Jones believes something was seriouly wrong with how the team moved away from San francisco's struggling Black community.

Looking into the matter further, Jones discovered more blatant hypocrisy by elected city officials of San Francisco concerning the 49er departure. That has caused Jones to revolt as a fan of not only the 49ers but also as a fan of "Everyone's favorite city."

In respect for the struggling Bayview Hunters Point where Candlestick Park was located and respect for the name San Francisco, Jones felt the duty to fight back.


This site was created for the purpose of chronicling racism as viewed by its creator, of, the SF 49ers owner Denise York's now successful relocating of the team out of San Francisco. SF 49er Fan Revolt will continue to track racism on this same site as perpetrated by San Francisco City Hall, until major changes occur in policy decisions that affect the SF Black community.



SF City Hall must address Blacks leaving

To All Members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors,

I am greatly disturbed by the lack of creativity on the part of the entire San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and Mayor Ed Lee, in addressing the dwindling Black population of the city.

I am suggesting a simple but radical campaign to create and distribute "WANTED!" posters to address the city's desire to invite more Black people and Black families to move to San Francisco as an opposing idea to the one proposed by Supervisor David Chiu.

I know, I know city leaders, on its face, will see my idea as racist because I am suggesting a wanted poster as the hook. That is because that is the way YOU people think. I wasn't born yesterday. And I taught teenaged murderers for ten years at the SF juvenile hall.

I guarantee my approach will not be misunderstood by those whom it is intended to reach.

The proposal by board president Supervisor David Chiu to have San Francisco be more "Family friendly" is laughable and racist because of who is not included. Nowhere in the proposal does it admit that City Hall is concerned about the Black family exodus from the city. Believe it or not this is important if you really claim to support diversity. On the other hand, the proposal does invite same sex couples who wish to raise a family in the city without even mentioning the words "Same sex."

Nevertheless, I predict it will get unanimous support from City Hall, which has failed miserably at keeping Blacks and Black families from exiting San Francisco. (I have no prediction on how the voters will vote on his proposal.)

It is obvious by my outrage of how City Hall's conduct in the 49ers leaving the BayView led me to accuse the entire Board of Supervisors of being racist or racially insensitive to Black citizens of the city. To continue to support the 49ers after they abandoned a struggling BayView Hunters Point is indefensible and  reprehensible.

However, if you notice on some MUNI buses, you will read "EQUALITY FOR ALL." This is a plain and simple message of support for LGBTs of the city. As a homosexual myself, I say, why not reach out to Blacks in a similar way by inviting more black families to move to the city? Not all buy into the "Economics" argument that has driven many out of the city.

I have lived in San Francisco since 1960 and I have nine siblings all living. Three have left the city for surrounding communities and economics was a smaller part of the move, not the main reason.

The attitude towards Black people must change beginning at City Hall.

City Hall will have to admit that they have failed the city's Black population, which will not happen.

The evidence of a 36% drop in black residents over twenty years will surely have some city leaders pointing the finger at past administrations but I'm not buying that.

Particularly, because of what I witnessed in the BayView. Though I have never lived in that area, I have seen first hand how difficult it can be to get the people of that community to come together. But City Hall and too many of the community have given up. And if the leaders give up, who will the children of BayView follow?

By reaching out to Blacks in other parts of the country, by placing the thought or invitation, into the minds of Black people who might be looking to give another city a look at where to raise a family is something that the city should support if done the way I envision.

I am also aware of the fact that more then 50% of the SF county jails are housing Black San Franciscans. This issue seems difficult to tackle but not impossible with the right approach. (I'll explain if interested)

I am determined to be heard on the matter of a racist attitude coming from of all places, City Hall. I also understand the seriousness of my accusation. To that I respond, I have no fear in playing the race card because I did not deal the hand. I am only playing with the cards that were dealt.

I'm hopeful but not holding my breath, to hear from THEE member of City Hall brave enough to consider my issue. However, I know YOU people are too good to accept criticism or change your so-called "Progressive" politics.

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