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This website is dedicated to the life and work of the late Bayard Rustin.

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"We need in every community a group of angelic troublemakers." --Bayard Rustin--


Allen Jones has lived in San Francisco since 1960.

In the course of his activism on other matters concerning San Francisco, Jones noticed, and was surprised, as a 49er fan to hear that in December 2011, the NFL had loaned the San Francisco 49ers $200 million to build a new stadium 35 miles south of San Francisco.

Aware of the NFL’s "Commitment to the Community Letter" dated June 15, 2011 made it even harder to believe. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell promised to support communities that support the NFL. But six months later, in December 2011, the NFL owners voted to loan the 49ers $200 million to leave the Black community of San Francisco that had supported the team for the last 40 years of the team's 67 years being in the city.

Jones firmly believes any sports team has the right to take its business anywhere it can make the most profit. However, there is a right way to leave and a wrong way to leave. Jones believes something was seriouly wrong with how the team moved away from San francisco's struggling Black community.

Looking into the matter further, Jones discovered more blatant hypocrisy by elected city officials of San Francisco concerning the 49er departure. That has caused Jones to revolt as a fan of not only the 49ers but also as a fan of "Everyone's favorite city."

In respect for the struggling Bayview Hunters Point where Candlestick Park was located and respect for the name San Francisco, Jones felt the duty to fight back.


This site was created for the purpose of chronicling racism as viewed by its creator, of, the SF 49ers owner Denise York's now successful relocating of the team out of San Francisco. SF 49er Fan Revolt will continue to track racism on this same site as perpetrated by San Francisco City Hall, until major changes occur in policy decisions that affect the SF Black community.


A Racist SF City Hall needs an Offical City Mirror

The 11 member San Francisco Board of Supervisors pass most of the laws/ordinances for the City and County of San Francisco. All 11 members have rejected/ignored my proposal below. My reason for drafting this resolution was to address racism in City Hall. If the city leaders wants to see an end to racism; as they claim, the first place to make the change is...

Resolution affirming the San Francisco Board of Supervisors commitment to being a leader beginning in the year of 2015, as “The city that knows how”, to look in the mirror, in an effort to clean out any racism, bigotry and prejudice from City Hall. 
WHEREAS, It is impossible to rid the United States of America of racism, bigotry and prejudice, if we as a nation do not first, get rid of the hypocrisy that offers these evils sanctuary.
WHEREAS, In a 2009 Black History Month speech, US Attorney General Eric Holder was quoted as saying, this nation is, “a nation of cowards”, not willing to confront racism.
WHEREAS, With tools of print, radio, TV and the internet, this nation set out to confront Mr. Holder for his statement rather than confront racism as reported by CNN on February 19, 2009.
WHEREAS, If San Francisco City Hall, in an effort to confront racism, looked in the mirror they would discover,
WHEREAS, The San Francisco Human Rights Commission, (SF HRC) which was formed in 1964 to help Blacks in their fight against racism, offers little or no assurance that SF Blacks have an ally with this city agency in their fight against discrimination, today.
WHEREAS, In 2012, Thomas Willis a Black staffer for the San Francisco Human Rights Commission sued the city in a race and sexual orientation matter against the current executive director of this city agency, Theresa Sparks, a White person.
WHEREAS, A settlement for $210,000.00 was approved in closed session of a Board committee on the advice of the City Attorney’s Office of San Francisco.
WHEREAS, In June 2014, the SF Bayview Newspaper reported, Recology Co.; a company which has a contract with the city of San Francisco, did not do enough to address the issues of a noose hung on the job by a White employee to intimidate Black employees.
WHEREAS, Daryl Washington the Black employee who reported the incident to his employer took a no pay leave from his employment due to seven months of stress without resolution; even though Mr. Washington is raising his five children. 
WHEREAS, It is revealing that Mr. Washington, like too many Blacks living in San Francisco do not know that it is the purview of the SF HRC to investigate issues of race based harassment.
WHEREAS, It is also revealing that the main news source for the SF Black community, the SF Bayview Newspaper, which reports on issues of discrimination against SF Blacks sits on a table in the reception area of the SF HRC offices, free for the taking monthly.
WHEREAS, More than 50,000 Black residents have moved out of San Francisco in the last fifty years under the watch of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission.
WHEREAS, On July 22, 2013, Larry Chatmon, a retired city of San Francisco employee sent a letter to Mayor Ed Lee.
WHEREAS, This dedicated city servant of 16 years offers, evidence of the real reason so many Blacks are leaving San Francisco, marginalization.
WHEREAS, Noted, in the third paragraph of his letter to Mayor Ed Lee:
WHEREAS, “…a copy of the Public Managerial Excellence Award to illustrate the point I am trying to make.  Very few people are recognized for the award and it is usually given only to Managers.  I was not a Manager when I received it.”   

WHEREAS, “For me to end my career in the same classification that I started is a travesty, especially after all of the work I have done to make San Francisco a better place for the residents.  Just to let you know how disappointed I am, on my departure, I received a barbeque tools set from the Department.” 
WHEREAS, The San Francisco Board of Supervisors admits to, being guilty of not looking in the mirror on matters of racism in City Hall and,
RESOLVED, That the San Francisco Board of Supervisors offers a heartfelt apology to not only the Black community of San Francisco but to Blacks throughout the world; and
FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Board of Supervisors will take the revelation of these true events as a call to look in the mirror before, it offers suggestions to the world on matters of racism, bigotry and prejudice beginning in the year 2015.
FURTHER RESOLVED, Though the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will never be perfect, it will strive to clean out its own closet of racism, bigotry, prejudice and hypocrisy before issuing statements to the nation on race.  
FURTHER RESOLVED, That the San Francisco Board of Supervisors was sincere when it stated, “Equality for All”, was not a statement for some people but all people.
FURTHER RESOLVED, That the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on December 31, 2015 will not have to look into the city’s official mirror and ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the city that knows how to be a leader in respect for all?”

FURTHER RESOLVED, That the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will prove with its own personal reflection, action with determination, why San Francisco deserves to be known as “Everyone’s favorite city.”