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This website is dedicated to the life and work of the late Bayard Rustin.

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"We need in every community a group of angelic troublemakers." --Bayard Rustin--


Allen Jones has lived in San Francisco since 1960.

In the course of his activism on other matters concerning San Francisco, Jones noticed, and was surprised, as a 49er fan to hear that in December 2011, the NFL had loaned the San Francisco 49ers $200 million to build a new stadium 35 miles south of San Francisco.

Aware of the NFL’s "Commitment to the Community Letter" dated June 15, 2011 made it even harder to believe. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell promised to support communities that support the NFL. But six months later, in December 2011, the NFL owners voted to loan the 49ers $200 million to leave the Black community of San Francisco that had supported the team for the last 40 years of the team's 67 years being in the city.

Jones firmly believes any sports team has the right to take its business anywhere it can make the most profit. However, there is a right way to leave and a wrong way to leave. Jones believes something was seriouly wrong with how the team moved away from San francisco's struggling Black community.

Looking into the matter further, Jones discovered more blatant hypocrisy by elected city officials of San Francisco concerning the 49er departure. That has caused Jones to revolt as a fan of not only the 49ers but also as a fan of "Everyone's favorite city."

In respect for the struggling Bayview Hunters Point where Candlestick Park was located and respect for the name San Francisco, Jones felt the duty to fight back.


This site was created for the purpose of chronicling racism as viewed by its creator, of, the SF 49ers owner Denise York's now successful relocating of the team out of San Francisco. SF 49er Fan Revolt will continue to track racism on this same site as perpetrated by San Francisco City Hall, until major changes occur in policy decisions that affect the SF Black community.




I love the challenge of being a Black man, living in America. However, I do not appreciate the city where I reside working against me especially City Hall.

Blacks are leaving San Francisco in record numbers. According to a published report, 36% decrease in the last twenty years or from 11% down to 6% in that period. But the HE SAID, SHE SAID coming from City Hall indicates, the exit is a one way ticket for too many Black families.      

District 3 Supervisor David Chiu announced legislation to make San Francisco a more "Family friendly" city. 

I say, wait a minute. Why not first, address the issue of too many Black families leaving San Francisco.

District 5 Supervisor London Breed commenting on the possible closing of the "Oldest Black book store in the country" said, "I wish I could come up with the money to buy it myself," said Supervisor London Breed, herself a Western Addition native who grew up in public housing and spent "countless" afternoons in the bookstore as a child. "But unfortunately, it's a capitalist society, and it doesn't work like that."

I say, though capitalism has its problems, we as a society are forutnate to have it.

District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen commenting on the possibility that Wal-Mart might want to move into San Francisco.  "I have no desire or interest in seeing Wal-Mart come into District 10 or any other part of San Francisco." "If they try, changes to the planning code won't be far behind."    

I say, though Wal-Mart might not be your or even my place to shop, if Wal-Mart wants to bring jobs to  a struggling area of District 10, surely something can be worked out.           

It is bad enough that we are driving Black families out of the city but to allow personal feeling, prevent opportunities for some of these families, particularly in a struggling community for even part-time emplyment is a lose lose formula for sure. 

Note: I am aware of the fact that Wal-Mart has been accused (sued) of some alleged racist treatment of workers.


Theresa Sparks

Less than 24hours after a April 13, 2014 Jewish center shooting where three people were killed, Theresa Sparks Executive Director of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission sent out this Press Release

Where was Theresa Sparks on June 17, 2015 when 9 Blacks were gunned down in a Charleston South Carolina Church shooting? And why is there no similar press release from the San Francisco Human Rights Commission?