Allen Jones has lived in San Francisco since 1960.

In the course of his activism on other matters concerning San Francisco, Jones noticed and was surprised, as a 49er fan to hear that in December 2011, the NFL had loaned the San Francisco 49ers $200 million to build a new stadium 35 miles south of San Francisco.

Aware of the NFL’s "Commitment to the Community Letter" dated June 15, 2011 made it even harder to believe. But business is business. However, loaning the 49ers money to leave the community that supported the team for the last 40 years of the team's 60 plus year in San Francisco, was “Blatant hypocrisy” as Jones saw it.

Looking into the matter further, Jones discovered blatant hypocrisy also by the 49ers and city officials of San Francisco concerning the 49er departure. That has caused him to revolt.

In respect for the struggling Bayview Hunters Point where Candlestick Park is located and respect for the name San Francisco, Jones felt the duty to fight back. 



These jeans don't fit!

A protest of respect for the

San Francisco Black community

Please, do not err, viewing this protest as only a protest against the San Francisco 49er stadium deal.

For too long, sports teams have been getting away with too much, at the expense of gullible municipalities, struggling communities and passionate fans.

But a little courage stops a lot of disrespect.

Golden Gate Sports post September 27, 2013